people who thought id deactivate this blog so easily
fuck that shit

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Even Edward needs a flower crown.

im just getting caught up on new chapters now and remember when i suspected lizzies maid and edward would have a thing like a year ago
look who fuckin hit the bullseye

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Edward Midford

Thank you dear though I haven’t gotten much role playing done recently. Today is different somehow IDK.

Does this mean you’re not coming back?


Oh hush.
Of course I’m coming back.
I may not be active, but I’ll always be here.
I mean, if you search up Edward Midford my icon is one of the first things that come up.
I’m not giving that up.

And I have Dante’s valentine card sitting beside my laptop now so I can always see it and remember to come by.
<kisses> ^U^ 

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My skype is pikoberry. Add me if you wish to.
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Ummm Frances and Inez are still a thing. Elizabeth has been going missing and it’s worrying Frances. Charles is still after Lizzy, and Frances in fact they are playing strip poker. Also there are two new Frances welcome them lovingly.

Manga wise: Ciel put laxatives in red houses food and made them shit themselves during the tournament.

I have an inkiling Frances and Edward maybe Alexis will get a spotlight soon but I seem to be alone there.


I’m still updated in the manga, darling.
Oh Charles. Although I’ve moved on with Kuro, and anime in general, I would still tap that.
Is Alois and Dante still around, by any chance?
I went to see your account and was VERY surprised you’re still very active!
I should distribute my skype, considering everyone still has my MSN which is long gone. 

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francesmidford replied to your post


Hey you!
You’ll have to give me updates on what I’ve missed, because I damn well intend to show off my growth in well, everything, with a good old roleplay with you.
Wink wink. 

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Maturity is something I am under the impression I was never lacking, but I feel as though I have gained more of it in my absence. 
Much, much more.
Good afternoon, everyone. 

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OOC: I’m so upset with the way Yana is making Edward.
It’s her own character, but she’s making him only relevant when Elizabeth is relevant, and that bugs me.
He really is a great character. 
On another note, hello!
Miss Mclovely has returned, for a very good reason!
I was in search yesterday for a dvd, and found a package with gifts from the lovely Dante, whom I am assuming is no longer active or present, and it was a darling artwork of Dante and Edward sharing a smooch.
I ship it still.
I’ve moved to the Homestuck fandom, (sorry!) and Doctor Who, but if anyone I was previously close with from here wants to talk, my personal tumblr is rosebouquet, and I’m on basically every day, so message me!
I’ll still lurk, but as you guessed, my motivation for Edward is next to none.
Well, ta loves! ^U^ 

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